Ballerina Princess Summer Camp (Age 4-6)

 June 25-29  Your little princess will love this camp. Daily ballet lesson and costume dress up. Disney themed crafts and games, and daily tea party with visits from the princesses.


Carousel Musical Theatre Summer Camps (Ages 8 – 15)

 July 9-13  " Cinderella's Glass Slipper"

Cinderella works hard in the home of her cruel stepmother.  Her silly stepsisters, see themselves as beautiful and think the prince will marry them.  Of course, the handsome prince spends most of the evening at a palace ball trying to escape from them!  The story is ages old, but you’ll meet playful new characters in this fresh adaptation:  a brave mouse, a hesitant cat, and the amazing Pumpkinhead, who changes into a coach!  Our Fairy Godmother has her hands full tutoring an apprentice but still makes time for Cinderella.

July 16 – 20  "Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp"

Hop on a flying carpet to visit the exciting city of Shammar in Old Arabia!  Meet the adventurous Aladdin and his mischievous monkey, Alakazam.  Aladdin’s mother and sister are at their wit’s end trying to get Aladdin to settle down.  It’s not easy, especially with merchants and neighbors complaining about Aladdin’s tricks. You’ll meet not one, but three, genies, the whining Ali ’Bubba’ and his umbrella, the fire-breathing dragon and the haughty Sultan’s wife.


For more information, contact the studio at 610-444-1948

Audition Notice 2018

Audition Tips

  • Audition begins the moment you walk through the door. It isn’t just how you sing, but how you carry yourself. Dress appropriately. Be punctual and prepared. Carry yourself with confidence. Be polite. Look the director in the eye.


  • Never apologize. Don’t start the audition with an excuse (“I have a cold”). Any director can tell the difference between talent and congestion. Sing your song to the best of your ability that day. Confidence goes a long way.


  • Pick a great song. You want to show a potential director what you can do vocally, so select a song which shows off your vocal ability and range. Pop songs often only span an octave or less, so keep that in mind. Steer clear of those types of songs. Instead select something which will showcase you best.


  • Have a second song ready….you may be asked to sing again. Have something prepared which will show off a different side of your vocal ability. Don’t prepare two songs which are similar. If you are asked to sing another song, they already liked the first song, but they may be trying to see if you’d fit in a specific role.


  • When the audition is over, thank them when you leave.